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Organisational Training,
Coaching & Facilitation

As expressed in our name, we provide targeted relevant programmes that Uplift performance & Motivate managers.

Like an ‘ascending balloon’ our aim is to raise the performance of your staff and organisation in a fun exhilarating way that maximises your people & strategic investment. Our range of services are offered in classrooms, hotels, your offices, as well as inspiring outside locations.

In our training we follow the path of an ascending balloon with the; IGNITE, ASCEND, FLY & REFUEL Programmes. In our Coaching Programmes we provide three key levels of support.

In ours Facilitation Programme we framework sessions to enable our clients to achieve their goal. Please explore for details.


Our accelerated training techniques move your managers forward.


We provide powerful organisational coaching.


We manage the structure, you manage the ideas.


Uplift motivation strives to provide development & support that is memorable, fun & effective.

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